All parade participants (marchers or riders - excluding marching bands) must be members of the Krewe of Highland. Your entry fee into the parade also makes you a member of the Krewe.

  • A Born to Ride Social Membership may be applied to 15 float riders or 15 members of a marching group.
  • If you are renting a float from another Krewe, that rental must be made directly with the renting Krewe. Because of extra effort and expense to the Krewe of Highland, there will be a special surcharge fee payable to the Krewe of Highland in addition to the float entry fee. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Parade Applications

  • Complete parade applications are due NO LATER than Friday, February 10th at 4:30PM due to City Requirement. Drivers must submit a copy of their proof of insurance along with a cell phone number to be used in the parade.
  • Applications must be submitted online. Do not submit an incomplete application as it may slow down the acceptance period.
  • Applications require a photocopy of a current driver's license and insurance information of the pull vehicle.
  • Please write the contact person's name and float identification on paperwork.

Float Lieutenants Meeting

This is a meeting for anyone who has questions about Krewe membership or parade applications.

  • Attend the Mandatory Parade Meeting: Noel Memorial UMC, Contemporary Worship Chapel on Thursday, February 9, 2023 from 5:30pm-7pm (meeting will start at 6pm, arrive early to submit paperwork).
  • Your float lieutenant and driver must be there or your float will not be able to participate. Anyone not present will not be able to participate in the parade.
  • If a person can’t attend, prior approval by Matthew Linn must be granted in writing and a representative must come to the meeting with the material. We will arrive early to receive paperwork.
  • Everyone must bring the printed photos of both the float Driver’s license and the pull vehicles insurance to this meeting.


  • All motorized float entries that do not meet the above flaring requirement must have walkers at all four corners of the float to keep people from being run over and to pick up beads and redistribute. All walkers must be able to walk 3 miles non-stop or have substitutes available.

  • All drivers must have a functioning cell phone during the parade, and the number must be provided with driver's license and insurance information for float or driver.

  • All float materials must be fire retardant.

  • Each float must have a functioning fire extinguisher.

  • No open flames during the parade.

  • All riding lawn mowers must have the blade drive belt removed.

  • Flaring over trailer tires must extend one foot. This keeps people from getting their feet caught under the tires.

  • No glass containers are allowed at any time during the staging or parade. Please use plastic cups.

  • The pulling driver will be subjected to mandatory breathalyzer testing before and after (and possibly during) the parade. Any recorded alcohol level will result in removal and/or arrest of the driver. It is suggested that drivers not drink to excess the evening prior to the parade or use mouthwash the day of the parade.

  • No display of any form of the Confederate Flag on floats, clothing, or throws will be allowed. This policy was well received by the neighborhood in past years and will be continued.


  • If you prefer to be near the front of the parade, get there a little earlier.
  • 7:00am: Drivers of floats rented from the Krewe of Centaur will meet at the Centaur Den, and floats will be escorted by the S.P.D. en masse to the Parade Staging Area (Brookshire's parking lot and Fern Ave).
  • 10:00am: Smaller non-rental parade vehicles begin to line up along Gregg Street.
  • Per S.P.D. and our insurance policy vehicles that are not in the parade will not be allowed in the staging area on Fern between Gregg and Ockley. Plan ahead and preload all beads, ice chest, etc, prior to parade day.
  • 2:00pm: The parade begins.

  • At the beginning of the parade, do not throw until your float has passed the stoplight at the corner of Gilbert and Ockley (Gregg Ave). This will be marked by "Parade Start" signs.
  • The parade ends when the float turns south from Centenary/Gladstone St onto Gilbert St. This is a strict NO THROW ZONE and is very important for safety. Do not throw on the return trip down Gilbert back to the staging area.
  • Please throw behind the people in the front row. Do not throw on the inside of turns or when the float is stopped. Walkers should pick up throws in the street so children are not run over.
  • To avoid significant injuries, please throw beads at the crowd carefully and do not aim at people who are not looking.
  • Confetti and Silly String are strictly forbidden.
  • Campaigning for any office is strictly forbidden on the parade route.
  • To maintain good relations with the surrounding neighborhood and businesses, remove all the trash created by your float at the end of the parade.
  • Krewe of Highland-HUZZAH!